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Have you ever wondered …..

How fulfilling is your relationship?

Are you stuck and unhappy?

Do you feel misunderstood, undervalued or simply not heard by your partner?

Do you spend most of your time either arguing or not talking at all?

Do you feel stressed, depressed or lonely in your relationship?

Have you lost your emotional connection or your erotic spark?

Are you battling with infidelity or loss of trust?

Do you ever think: “This cannot be it?”

If you could dream, what sort of a relationship would you like to have?



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Why work with me



If you have landed here, you are probably looking for answers to these questions.

Would you like some help with rediscovering your emotional bond between you and your partner or reignite your passion?

Perhaps you would like assistance in dealing with infidelity or trauma issues?

Could you benefit from learning how to resolve conflicts constructively?

Would you like some help in dealing with sexual problems?

Would you like some support in finding better ways to communicate and experiencing more joy?



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About Me


My name is Evelyn Aldous.

Couples, who come to me, are often on the brink of separation.

I help them to to either reconnect or separate without bitterness.

I work with partners or individuals of all ages, cultural backgrounds, religious denominations and sexual preferences.


I believe that our relationships have a profound impact on our lives. Therefore, I would like to invite you to reinvent your relationship into a great one.




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This is what my clients say
Your consultation was very helpful to understand the relationship
with my partner and to think about further actions to try. Regarding
the findings, I have never imagined that I was influenced by my
mothers way of treating my father. My independence and indifference to my partner must be affected by her.
Therapy conversation with full permission from the client for publication.
My clients have:
  • Rediscovered their partner, enjoyed feeling drawn to their partner or fallen in love again
  •  Unleashed a new energy in their relationship
  •  Entered a place of understanding
  •  Turned old patterns of blame into opportunities for greater intimacy
  •  Made drastic changes in their thinking and gained a fresh perspective
  • Broken past belief systems and dysfunctional relationship dynamics that no longer work
  • Gained validation from their partner
  • Learnt how to explore their own needs and how to communicate them
  • Enjoyed more excitement and invigorated their sexual connection
The process of gaining insights and making changes does not always have to be a painful one.
It is hugely liberating, provides an opportunity for growth and can even be fun.

My mission is to support more people
in becoming empowered to create
the cherishing relationship they desire.


How would therapy enhance your life?


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Training and Location


I am proud to have trained with two American couples therapists,

Esther Perel and Terry Real, and I am certified

in ‘The New Intimacy Therapy’ which incorporates

elements of Esther Perel’s Transformational Approach

and Terry Real’s Relational Life Therapy.

I have Certificate in Healing Transgenerational Trauma (Terry Real).

  I am also a member of the Relational Life Therapy Group

and have a Masters Degree in Psychology

from Klagenfurt University, Austria.

and an MBA from Leicester University.


I am based in Central London.


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