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Your dreams hold the key to your dream relationship.
Want to know what they're trying to tell you?

Professional dream analysis reading to uncover the hidden messages your unconscious has for you, so you can create the passionate relationship you’ve always dreamed of.

Your Dreams Are Guiding You To Your Dream Relationship

Ever had a dream you just can’t shake off? You have a feeling it may be related to the current state of your love life now (when did things become so complicated?), but no idea what it means.


Your dream holds the problem and the solution. It tells you what needs to change to put the joy and spark back into your love life and the steps to take to get there faster.

Let me decipher the dream for you and let’s take this powerful first step towards your new reality together. 

How It Works

This is how a dream analysis session works:

Step 1: After you book your session, you’ll receive an email with details of how to send me your dreams. You’ll have the option to do so either by email or voice message – whatever is easier for you.

Step 2: We’ll have our dream analysis session, where I’ll decipher the dream for you and what your unconscious wants you know about your love life.

Step 3 (VIP): We’ll have a coaching session on how to put into practice in your life the guidance from your dream, so you can start creating your dream relationship today.

Choose Your Session


Dream Analysis Session

30 minutes

Recording of the session



Dream Analysis Session

30 minutes

Coaching Session

30 minutes

Recording of the session

What My Clients Are Saying

Evelyn’s dream analysis has been so insightful and intricate it has really allowed me to access my most hidden subconscious thoughts and feelings. Evelyn offers multiple perspectives on pertinent aspects of the dream until one resonates. It has been fascinating to discover certain aspects of self that have arisen and the discussions and analysis have informed my real life behaviours and decision making. She really is the Queen of Dreams, just fabulous!


Your Dream Analyst

Evelyn Aldous is a highly specialised relationship therapist, passion coach and dream analyst for successful couples and individuals who want to create a love life better than their dreams. 

Evelyn holds a Master Degree in Psychology and has been trained by the world-renowned couples therapists Esther Perel, Terry Real and the neuroscientist Dr. Srini Pillay. 

True to her Austrian heritage, Evelyn infuses Freudian & Jungian dream analysis into her transformative work – it’s what sets her apart from other specialists. 

Evelyn’s clients have attracted the love of their life and turned relationships on the brink of separation into loving, fun and passionate romances.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m not sure my dream is related to my love life. Can I still benefit from Evelyn’s dream analysis?

Absolutely! Dream analysis uncovers the hidden messages your unconscious mind is sending you about any challenge you’re currently facing in your life. While Evelyn specialises in deciphering relationships dreams to create dream relationships, she is equally skilled in uncovering the hidden meanings in any type of dream and help you in navigating through any challenge.

2. Will this be an interactive call with Evelyn?

Yes, it is mostly likely Evelyn will ask clarifying questions about your dream and your situation. Evelyn will always tailor your dream analysis to your specific circumstances.

3. What is Evelyn’s approach to dream analysis?

Evelyn doesn’t just use a standard dream analysis dictionary. Her expertise goes beyond that. Evelyn pairs her vast knowledge of Jungian dream analysis with her couples therapist degree, a special combination that makes her uniquely qualified to uncover the inner symbolism in your relationship dreams and give you the guidance you need to create a love life that’s better than your dreams. This unique talents allows her to tailor the analysis to your unique circumstances to tell you what your dreams means for you and your love life.

4. What if I have a complex dream that requires a longer session?

Get in touch with Evelyn at ea.relationshiptherapy[at]gmail[com] with your request. Evelyn always tries to accomodate clients’ request in a satisfactory ways for both parties.