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Thank you for coming to my event!

Ready to turn your relationship dreams into your dream relationship?

Choose one of the options below to start creating the romance you’ve always dreamed of today.

Dream Analysis

My unique specialty, I decipher your dreams and fantasies to help you create a love life better than your dreams.

60 minutes


Recording of the session

Passion Coaching

Perfect for couples and individuals who dream of putting the passion and romance back into their love life.

Your Relationship Coach

Evelyn Aldous is a highly specialised relationship therapist, passion coach and dream analyst for successful couples and individuals who want to create a love life better than their dreams. 

Evelyn holds a Master Degree in Psychology and has been trained by the world-renowned couples therapists Esther Perel, Terry Real and the neuroscientist Dr. Srini Pillay. 

True to her Austrian heritage, Evelyn infuses Freudian & Jungian dream analysis into her transformative work – it’s what sets her apart from other specialists. 

Evelyn’s clients have attracted the love of their life and turned relationships on the brink of separation into loving, fun and passionate romances.

What My Clients Say

Evelyn's coaching style is both encouraging and empowering. She provided practical tools and strategies that I could apply to my dating experiences. I appreciate that she created a safe and non-judgmental space for me to explore my thoughts and feelings.
Dora M
She interpreted the dream for me and gave me clarity on what my subconscious had been warning me about. The interpretation was very accurate as everything Evelyn said came true! Not only that, but after the dream interpretation, we had a coaching session where she helped me decode the message the younger me in the dream had for my life right and practical tips to follow to let go of control and enjoy more freedom and ease into my love life - and that’s rosier than ever right now.
Tavia P
Evelyn’s dream analysis has been so insightful and intricate it has really allowed me to access my most hidden subconscious thoughts and feelings. Evelyn offers multiple perspectives on pertinent aspects of the dream until one resonates. It has been fascinating to discover certain aspects of self that have arisen and the discussions and analysis have informed my real life behaviours and decision making. She really is the Queen of Dreams, just fabulous!
Evelyn is an amazing relationship coach. She immediately understood my relational dynamic and what I needed to do in order to move forward, but also that I needed to tend to myself! Evelyn is fun and deeply calming and empathetic at the same time. Hands down she’s the best! The experience with her is truly transformative.
Ianthe W